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  1. Jaylen

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    Stefan Sutter14. April 2011Hallo Herr Stanic,bei meinem LN erscheint nicht der Dialog zum Gegenzertifizieren. Kann man da etwas verstellen oder ist dies evtl. von unserem System gesperrt worden?Mit freundlichen Grüßen,S. Sutter

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    Who told me isn’t near as important as why he told me I should be reporting on the actions of the City Council. Today I found out why. I am composing a blog post about it now….

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    Olá gostei mto das dicas do seu blog, pretendo ir a Miami em março, qdo começa a liquidação de inverno, é a mh primeira vez, vc saberia me dizer qual é a melhor e mais barata cia aerea? E onde me hospedar, vou só p/ compras?Obrigada Arlete de São Vicente – Brasil

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    Grief makes people do all kinds of irrational things.It was an accident; trying to place blame when no one was at fault, just tends to make people less sympathetic to their tragedy.I feel bad for them, but find it foolish to initiate a lawsuit that has no merit.


    Mary, you are so kind! Thanks for your sweet sweet comment! And another thing, love your blog and even though I don't personally know you I feel like I do and I know that you are one of the nicest people on this earth!!! Keep sending us those scrumptuous recipes. :)

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