I wanted to give a studio update to my webpage, if you follow me on social media you may already know about my space, if not here is some more info.

Canopy Studios Totoro Quilt

I rent studio space in east Austin from Big Medium. They own this giant old warehouse that was converted into 45+ different studio spaces and several larger gallery spaces. I am on the second floor in the corner, you can see my little studio window in the Totoro quilt photo above. I am located at 916 Springdale RD - BLDG 1 #202.

East Austin Goodwill Blue Hanger before Canopy Studios / Big Medium

Here is a photo of the warehouse that I took before the conversion when it was a Goodwill Blue Hanger store. I used to shop there a lot actually for odd things and textiles and was fascinated with the space. This was actually in 2006 in my 35mm obsessed days and is several film exposures stitches together to show the size of the space. They made great use of the tall space and made it into 2 floors. Michael Hsu was the architect.

Canopy Studios Directory

Here is a directory located at the studios. I am the tiny square in the bottom left corner within the box on the top left. There really are some amazing artists and galleries here and I feel fortunate every day when I show up to work. I especially love my little window view from the 2nd floor. It is not much, but helps me feel not so holed up when I have been in the studio all day.

Gina Pina Quilts Canopy Studios

Here is a view inside my studio. I have several 4x8' insulated foam boards covered with white flannel that are tacked to the back walls. This giant design wall comes in handy every day! I can pin up quilt tops and backings to get a good look or photo or keep it wrinkle free after ironing. It is amazing for laying out quilt blocks while putting together a patchwork quilt top. They are 8' tall, but I hung them a couple feet off the ground which helps accommodate larger quilts.


This is my sister talking to a visitor about my longarm machine during the East Austin Studio Tour.

Austin Chronicle EAST austin studio tour

The Austin Chronicle took a ton of great photos of Canopy Studios during the East Austin Studio Tour and got this photo of me with my longarm machine. In the photo you can see several people busy working on their submission to my Streets Quilt.

Eames Blocks quilt QuiltCon flyer

This was a big deal for me. I quilted a quilt for The Modern Quilt Guild (the MQG) for them to use as a QuiltCon flyer and giveaway. They wanted a specific quilting design and I really pushed myself to go the extra mile in the custom quilting department. I have to admit it is harder for me to do these kinds of quilts because it takes so long! I am used to quilts spending a couple days on my frame, this one was closer to a couple weeks and near the end it can be like, I am STILL working on this quilt??


It was a happy moment to see it hanging at QuiltCon 2015. I was both mortified and pleased that it was hung in such a way that you could see the back of the quilt. It is a very vulnerable feeling putting yourself out there, not just on social media, but in the physical world too. My most nervous moments when it comes to quilting is not when I am about to start, or even in the middle of the quilt, but after I have sent the quilt back to the owner. THAT is when I feel anxiety about totally messing up.
Matthew Wheeler in Vancouver, BC won this quilt. I had the pleasure of meeting him at QuiltCon and I am anxious to hear that he has received the quilt safely!

HomeTown Quilt QuiltCon

This was my giant HomeTown Quilt that hung at QuiltCon. It was such a joy to see it hanging and watching the reaction of the public. I had over 600 submissions from visitors to my studio during the East Austin Studio Tour. They wrote the name of the town where they lived on a jelly roll strip and I was busy quilting them down onto a 108" wholecloth as they were flying off the table. I was blown away by the creativity from the community and their willingness to participate. Everytime I look at this quilt and the Streets Quilt I see something new.

Gina Pina Profits & Losses quilt QuiltCon 2015

Here is my second quilt that hung at QuiltCon ATX 2015; Profits & Losses, an arrow tessellation pattern I made with ledger paper fabric, precious Yoshiko Jinzenji and green crossweaves. For all the UP there is an equal DOWN. My expenses right now really are tough to meet every month and I feel like it will be tough until I am able to pay off the Longarm completely. 1 year down in a 5 year loan. Hoping to pay it off early! Thank you Thank you Red Thread financial for the loan and Over the Top Quilting for the APQS Machine and Service.

Gina Pina Quilts Canopy Studios

A lot of people ask me why I am not writing patterns, teaching, etc, etc, and I would LOVE to do those things as soon as I can get a handle on things. I am in this for the long haul so I am trying not to rush things, thinking more Turtle instead of Hare. Some people tell me they could never do what I do because they are not good at it, but really I didn't buy my machine because I was already good. I am dedicated to putting in the hours upon hours it takes to be good. Days, weeks, months, years.. I knew I couldn't wait until I was ready. I am definitely still learning and figuring things out and am always thankful for the amazing clients I have that trust me with quilting their patchwork. The collaboration aspect of this job is really amazing.

If you look at the top of the page I have finally added Client Work / Portfolio page of quilting that I have done for others. There are still a lot more photos I need to add, but I wanted at least some of them in one place. I am really loving my job and often refer to it as a Quilt Parade. I never know what quilt is coming next and I get that short time with them and then send them off to their new home! Sometimes it is all so fleeting. I work hard to give as much love to every single quilt and not rush things. I hope to keep you updated more. Please follow me on social media.. Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, FaceBook, Periscope or feel free to stop by my studio sometime!