Wholecloth Linen throw quilt Melody Miller arrows

This is one of the quilts I have made using my new longarm quilting machine. I bought a roll of this fabric at Quilt Market, the tradeshow I go to in Houston every year. It is a 60" wide linen cotton blend and I knew it would be perfect for making whole cloth quilts. 2 yards makes a finished quilt of ~58"x70" perfect big throw size!

Whole cloth linen quilt Melody Miller  cheater

This is the back of the previous quilt which is a matching design by Melody Miller that I paired it with. I bought a special "throw size" roll of Quilters Dream Orient silk & bamboo batting which is my new favorite batting because it feels so amazing.

Wholecloth Linen quilt Echino birds Etsuko Furuya

This is a version made with Echino fabric with the same lightweight linen cotton blend. Echino (Etsuko Furuya) always has the best bold colors and designs. I had a lot of fun custom quilting all of the flowers and I knew this would be a perfect gift for my brother since it is Oregon Duck colors and he happens to live in Eugene, Oregon.

Cotton Voile quilt back

This quilt is backed with the super soft cotton voile; these are Tula Pink prince charming designs. I gave both of these quilts to my brother and his wife for being so kind as to let me stay at their house in Eugene free for a week after I attended the Sew Down Portland (which was amazing, by the way!). He was also kind enough to hold these quilts up for a photoshoot for me.

Skinner Butte Eugene, Oregon

These pictures were taken at Skinner Butte in Eugene, Oregon. Note the person in the middle left there for scale, The bench and trash can are much closer to me than the wall. This is an amazing rock feature that people often climb. We drove up to the Butte originally thinking I would take pictures at the very top, but these rocks were too cool to pass up as a backdrop.